Minna no agent

The career change market is expanding due to the diversification of work styles. A career change matching platform where users can select a career change agent.

Product name
Minna no agent
Operating Company
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Recruitment Agent × Job Seeker
Human Resources
"Minna no Agent" is a career change matching platform that allows job seekers to nominate an agent of their choice based on their expertise and user reviews, rather than looking for a specific company to transfer to.
Existing career change portal sites, even when they provide a service to help job seekers decide on a new career, do not allow users to select a career change agent, and do not help users understand what standards they should be applying when choosing a career. Furthermore, career change agents are assigned clients by the company, and no mechanism for the agent to communicate their own abilities or personality.
"Minna no Agent" features a full profile of every job changer, and agent ratings and reviews from job seekers who actually received job change support from that agent. Job seekers using the service can refer to this information to select an agent that suits their needs for themselves. And it's easy for a user to get in touch with the agent they're interested in by simply clicking the "Ask" button.
Partner's Voice
"Minna no Agent" is an unprecedented style of matching platform where job seekers can select an individual agent.
As a business partner well-versed in the matching business, C2C is working together with us not just on system development, but on a wide range of initiatives including project planning and marketing. In the future, we look forward to C2C's accompanying support in order to grow the "Minna no Agent" as a decision making support platform that can respond to the changing times.
Support provided by C2C
Business incubation

・Market and competitive research

・Development of simplified business plan

・Implementation of PoC

Product development

・Product Production

・iOS/Android/Browser Development

・Integration with 3rd Party system

Digital marketing

・Web advertising strategy planning/operation

・SNS strategy planning/operation

・Media strategy planning/operation

Business growth

・Finance Support

・Hands-on support