A social-style booking platform that transforms the booking experience for the nail industry, where 94% of businesses are sole proprietorships.

Product name
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Nailie Inc.
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Nailist × Customer
"Nailie" is a social-style booking service that allows users to search for everything from favorite nail designs to favorite nailists, then make a direct reservation, rather than going through a nail salon. Nailists can use the app to manage all their necessary business in one place.
On typical booking sites, customers make a reservation with the salon itself, so it's not uncommon for them to experience discrepancies in service quality or different results from what they imagined. In addition, the cost of listing on major coupon and reservation sites tends to increase year by year, and the burden of such expenses is placing pressure on sole proprietor salons. This leads to price competition, making it difficult for nailists to appeal to customers on the basis of their unique style and approach. Despite 94% of businesses being sole proprietorships, this landscape means it is hard for proprietors to enjoy a free approach to working.
Nailists can share their nail designs on the app to showcase their style and skills, and manage their schedule, reservations, and even payment all in one place. Customers can find and book a nailist that suits their tastes by viewing their favorite nail designs and reviews from other users.
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