Sul Yoosa

Sul Yoosa

Born in 1982
2003: While a student at Keio University Faculty of Law, participated in the launch of Valcom Ltd(now AirTrip Corp)
2005: Joined Recruit Inc.
2011: Founded Soltec Vietnam Company, the Vietnamese branch of his family’s plant equipment company, and assumed the position of Representative Director
2012: Founded Evolable Asia Co., Ltd. (incorporated in Vietnam), an IT offshore development business, and assumed the position of Representative Director
2014: Founded Soltec Investments PTE.LTD. (incorporated in Singapore) as the controlling corporation of the Soltec Group and assumed the position of Representative Director
2017: Founded C2C PTE.LTD. (incorporated in Singapore), a platform development business specializing in direct matching, and assumed the position of Representative Director
2019: Established C2C Tech Hub co., Ltd. in Vietnam (100% subsidiary of C2C PTE.LTD.)
2021: Establishment of C2C Platform Co.,Ltd. in Japan
2021: Listed on TSE Mothers as the largest shareholder, Hybrid Technologies Inc. (established in 2016, business transferred from Evolable Asia Co., Ltd.)
2022: Appointed President and Representative Director of C2C Platform Co.,Ltd.

CEO Message

The era in which the individual is the creator of value.
The products we create will change society.

It was in 2012 that I started my first business.

When I visited Vietnam, I saw energetic young people with strong IT skills, felt the potential for IT business in the country, and founded an offshore development company which grew to employ 500 people by 2015. While I was confident in the growth potential of this project, my desire to use this knowledge to try establishing a more scalable project as a company service grew stronger by the day. At just that time, customer-to-customer and sharing economy services like Uber and Airbnb had already begun to gain ground overseas. My first experience with a customer-to-customer service was ridesharing abroad. Unlike existing taxi services, drivers’ identities, vehicles, routes, prices, and user ratings are clearly indicated. I was deeply impressed by how the service made travel in unfamiliar places safe and comfortable.
Through this experience, I was convinced that this wave is bound to sweep all industries, dramatically changing the way industry is structured around the world. Founded in 2017, C2C is a 100-engineer development company based in Vietnam that provides specialist business support groups to Japan, and provides a variety of support to help sustainably grow direct matching businesses.

“We have a service idea, but we don’t know how to develop it, and we don’t know who to talk to.”

Companies with such concerns are the future partners of C2C.

Our partners range from the food and beverage industry to the recruitment industry, the nail industry and the relaxation industry. In these industries, it is not uncommon to find no IT personnel in-house. In addition, when platform development is outsourced, there are many examples companies lacking internal knowhow and prior accomplishments in the development and operation of such platforms closing within a short period of time after failing to draw up a growth model for the future.

We have been working on the development of a platform dedicated to C2C matching for many years, and have accumulated an abundance of in-house knowledge. As such, we know the “rules for winning”. In addition, we pride ourselves on being able to develop more efficient, high-quality products by combining general-purpose parts made with frameworks with custom product-specific parts.

In terms of cost, we have established a system that reduces the initial cost of services and commits to product growth by providing partner companies with a revenue share model that rewards success.

Service development does not end with building the system. Developments and releases will continue to improve the service in accordance with users’ lives. We are committed to supporting our partners various ways until they become innovative presences in the industry.

The era in which the individual is the creator of value. I believe that the products we create are creating new value for society. We would like to bring about a society where the individual fulfilled both economically and spiritually, with their individual value more fairly appraised. Not only in Japan, but around the world, with a focus on Asia, we will work together with our partner companies to continue to grow our businesses, seeking to create a future in which our products will transform society.

Innovation for Service Provider

We will realize a new way of working for service providers
by freely and optimally delivering the value
that everyone has to those who need it.

Maximizing Value of Service Providers
Worldwide by Using Our Product

We will create fair opportunities
for service providers around the world
by providing products that innovate each industry
and growth at the fastest and maximum.

Think Big, Believe Big

We think and believe in all the possibilities of our products.

Act Fast

We act faster than anyone else and achieve faster than anywhere else.

Lead the Partners!

We take the initiative in leading the success of our partners.

Be Global

We create, think and act with global standards.

Give and Share

We act for the team and share generously.


Representative Director, Vice President
Hideo Murakami

Graduated from Kyushu University Graduate School. While in graduate school, he founded Sahara Corporation (now PIPED BITS Co., Ltd.) and developed the email delivery platform "SPIRAL", for which he served as founding president. After working in the development lab of Evolable Asia Co., Ltd. an offshore development company in Vietnam, he founded C2C PTE.LTD. in 2017 and was appointed as the company's Representative Director, Vice President in 2022.

Board Member, CFO
Yu Hajima

Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Law, and joined Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC in 2007 and has been in charge of Equity Research Department at UBS Securities Japan Ltd. since 2011, VP at Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC since 2012, and Director of Private Equity Investment Department at Ant Capital Partners Co., Ltd. since 2015, then joined C2C Platform Co.,Ltd. in 2021.


September 2017
Established C2C PTE.LTD. in Singapore
November / December 2017
Raised a total of 182 thousand USD in seed funding
July 2018
Released "Nailist Maching App.", as our 1st product
April 2018
Raised a total of 494 thousand JPY in seed funding
Jun / September / December 2019
Raised a total of 1.8 million USD in seed funding
November 2019
Established C2C Tech Hub Co., Ltd. as a development base in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (wholly owned subsidiary)
November 2020
Raised a total of 910 thousand USD in pre-series A funding
January 2021
Established C2C Platform Co.,Ltd. (wholly owned subsidiary) in Minato-ku, Tokyo
February 2021
Raised a total of 1 million USD in pre-series A funding
June 2022
Implemented a corporate restructuring with C2C Platform Co.,Ltd. as the parent company
July 2022
Raised a total of 500 million USD in series A funding
April / July 2023
Raised a total of 344 million USD in series A extra round funding
September 2023
Moved head office from Minato-ku, Tokyo to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Company Name
C2C Platform Co., Ltd.
2F Polar KUDAN, 4-3-4 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0074, Japan
January 2021 (C2C PTE. LTD., the predecessor of the current subsidiary, was established in September 2017)
73 million yen
Sul Yoosa, Representative Director, President
Hideo Murakami, Representative Director, Vice President
Number of employees
120 (as of July 2022, consolidated)
System development and business support specializing in direct matching business
C2C PTE.LTD.(Singapore)
Reception floor 10, 80 Robinson Road Singapore 068898

C2C Tech Hub Co., Ltd.(Vietnam)
3rd Floor, The Hub Building, 195/10E Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District.


Company Name
C2C Platform Co., Ltd.
2F, Polar Kudan, 4-3-4, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0074, Japan
2min walk from “Ichigaya Station” of Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
5min walk from “Ichigaya Station” of JR Chuo/Sobu Line
9min walk from “Hanzomon Station” of Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line