A matching service for the idle assets of legacy industry. A business-to-business marketplace dedicated to used precision equipment that is difficult to trade in established reuse markets.

Product name
Operating Company
Ekuipp Corporation
Matching Type
Equipment owner × Buyer
"Ekuipp" is a specialized online marketplace where used precision equipment such as measuring instruments owned by manufacturers and laboratories can be bought and sold between businesses directly.
There are many cases of expensive measuring instruments being left unused in the warehouses of manufacturing companies. On the other hand, many companies that would like to buy such equipment do not have the necessary budget, and many companies would like to use them temporarily, but no service existed to take advantage of the demand for their reuse. Since such equipment tends to be too specialized to find buyers on normal marketplaces, it rarely circulates on the market.
"Ekuipp" is a business-to-business platform where precision equipments can be bought and sold. A company that want to buy equipment is directly matched with company that want to sell that equipment. In addition, the "Ekuipp Ledger service" enables centralized management of equipment information, storage locations, book value information, etc. In addition to precision equipment, there are plans to expand the range of items traded to include all used equipments and parts that can be used in the factory.
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