Eliminating the problem of not being able to select a real estate rental sales representative. A rental matching platform where users select the agent, not the property.

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Real Estate
"Roomcon" is a rental matching platform that connects people looking for a place to stay with the best agent to help them find a place to stay according to their rental needs.
When using a rental agency, users are often unable to select a specific agent, regardless of that agent's strengths or weaknesses, and are thus unable to find the most suitable property for their needs. Furthermore, in the rental industry, while agents are evaluated according to sales performance, the acquisition of customers and thus sales opportunities is strongly dependent on chance, with little connection to the agent's efforts and individual strengths.
"Roomcon" enables people searching for a place to stay to choose a specific rental agent (“concierge”), enjoy communicating with them directly, and find the perfect place for them. Concierges can be expected to directly attract customers and deliver business results by posting profile information such as past results and areas they specialize in, posting useful real-estate-related information to their timeline, and directly pitching themselves to users.
Partner's Voice
When developing the app, we decided to partner with C2C because they demonstrated a shared understanding of the issues facing the real estate industry. We have received appropriate advice in the fields of overall design and marketing of the service. I believe that digital transformation will not succeed with software developed in theoretical discussions without an understanding of the relevant industry. "Roomcon" is designed to be a service that responds to the voices of employees actually working in the field, allowing them to do the things they wish they could. It contributes to improving the per-employee sales of our company, increasing motivation. We're still working with C2C to increase the value of the experience of searching for a place to stay.
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・Market and competitive research

・Development of simplified business plan

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・Integration with 3rd Party system

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