Reducing the burden on, and improving the efficiency of, restaurants and food factories through digital transformation of supply procurement. An order receiving platform to solve the social challenges of the food industry.

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Shikomel food tech Inc.
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Food Plant × Restaurant
Food service
"Shikomel" is a service that allows restaurants to register the recipes of their dishes, then place orders with specialist suppliers to stock up on ingredients based on those recipes. Being easily able to stock up through the app allows every individual restaurant to have its own central kitchen.
Chronic labor shortages, stagnating planning/menu development in mature markets, dealing with rapidly changing food and beverage business conditions, and responding to emergencies such as the coronavirus have become major challenges to restaurants in recent years. It has become imperative to improve the efficiency of daily operations and review fixed costs. Particularly among small restaurants, it is not uncommon for businesses to be forced to close due to the inability to develop new dishes or begin e-commerce sales.
By stocking up on ready-prepared ingredients using "Shikomel", restaurants can make their operations more efficient by reducing labor costs, in addition to guaranteeing the quality of the ingredients. Using the app's main features, "Shikomel Store," where users can order pre-prepared ingredients based on recipes from famous restaurants, "My Store," where users can order ingredients for their restaurants' original recipes, and "Ordering function(Beta version)," where users can centrally manage suppliers, restaurants can place orders and manage payments on the app. In the future, we plan to improve factory management features and expand features such as managing multiple restaurants, recipe management, and warehouse inventory management.
Partner's Voice
We are developing the "Shikomel" restaurant supply matching service with a business mission of "making the world more delicious, richer and simpler through digital transformation of the food supply chain." With no founding members with an IT background, the company's success in quickly moving from conceptualization to service launch and growth reflects C2C's commitment to offering support for business growth. We are grateful for the support we received not just in development, but in the financial aspects essential to project growth, allowing us to grow the service at this crucial stage.
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