Digitally transforming a phone-reservation-based deployment business. An on-demand relaxation therapist booking platform that updates the therapist industry.

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Hogugu Technologies Inc.
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Therapist × Customer
"HOGUGU" is an on-demand relaxation service that allows users to easily book a therapist that meets their needs to visit them at home, at a hotel, or other desired location, rather than in-store.
As the relaxation industry matures, it is seeing an increase in the number of therapists, along with increased price competition. As a result, despite the maturity of the industry, many therapists are forced to work in a difficult working environment that is fully outsourced, which also leads to a high turnover rate. This is the backdrop against which there is a demand for the relaxation industry to create an environment in which therapists can work under appropriate working conditions that suit their abilities.
Therapists are able to independently receive orders in the app and receive appropriate rewards according to their individual abilities. The app is designed to emphasize each therapists' individuality, with each therapist's individual skills and user reviews leading directly to attracting customers and sales and user reviews, thus making a major contribution to individual earnings. In contrast to in-store services, therapists are not bound by opening hours, and are free to work as they see fit.
Partner's Voice
We partnered with C2C not only to develop "HOGUGU", but also to join in a revenue sharing agreement accompanying the growth of the service. We felt reassured to have a business partner that could assist in UI/UX proposals, marketing and PR. In addition, when carrying out fundraising, we received support with creating the necessary documents and introducing ourselves to investors, allowing us to concentrate on our main business.
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Business incubation

・Market and competitive research

・Development of simplified business plan

・Implementation of PoC

Product development

・Product Production

・iOS/Android/Browser Development

・Integration with 3rd Party system

Digital marketing

・Web advertising strategy planning/operation

・SNS strategy planning/operation

・Media strategy planning/operation

Business growth

・Finance Support

・Hands-on support