Shachomeshi for Shakaijin

Reduce mismatches between companies and people seeking a change of job. Casual recruiting platform that directly connects presidents and people seeking a change of job.

Product name
Shachomeshi for Shakaijin
Operating Company
United Will Co., Ltd.
Matching Type
Company President × Job Seeker
Human Resources
"Shachomeshi for Shakaijin" is a casual recruiting service that connects people seeking a change of career with corporate presidents. People seeking a change of career can use the app or website to request a dinner meeting with the president of a company they are interested in.
With normal recruitment, companies and applicants can only communicate standard information, meaning both parties are forced to make decisions without any opportunity to truly talk and gain deep understanding, leading to mismatches being discovered only after hiring. From people who seriously consider changing jobs, we often hear that they want to work for a business owner who can empathize with them.
Prospective job changers and company presidents can contact each other directly through the app. By talking to each other in a casual meal setting, they can discuss not just conditions such as pay, but share their earnest thoughts, allowing both parties to make rational decisions about changing career/hiring.
Partner's Voice
We think C2C's strengths are the following three points.
1. Speed of startup.
2. Business-oriented development
3. An efficient management system that can be operated by a small number of personnel.
With "Shachomeshi", we took on the challenge of creating an unprecedented CtoC human resource matching service. It is thanks to C2C that we have been able to grow into a service that aims to go public by 2024. Why was C2C able to grow "Shachomeshi"? There are three reasons. The first is the speed of launch. C2C already has a matching platform system, and we were able to make full use of that system to quickly release "Shachomeshi". We have established ourselves as a unique recruiting service that competitors cannot copy, and have followed up by releasing web and company employee app versions, ensuring that we are always a step ahead of our competitors. The second is business-oriented development. This is C2C's biggest strength. Our partner agreement means that it is in the interest of both parties for "Shachomeshi" to grow. The question, "How much impact will this have on our business?" is always on the agenda in development meetings. The third is the management function of the matching platform. "Shachomeshi"'s operations team consists of three people. With those three people, we handle more than 30,000 users and more than 1,000 presidents. The efficient management system provided by C2C enables productive business operations.
Support provided by C2C
Business incubation

・Market and competitive research

・Development of simplified business plan

・Implementation of PoC

Product development

・Product Production

・iOS/Android/Browser Development

・Integration with 3rd Party system

Digital marketing

・Web advertising strategy planning/operation

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Business growth

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