Introduction of our CtoC specialized service

Our Services

Through the platform developed by C2C PTE. LTD.,
we can continue launching more
innovative services

Patent number: 2017-004377
Matching device, matching system,
Matching method and program


Comparing to normal development progress,
it has better benefit by developing through a platform.
From past experiences with clients in various industries,
we can assure a good product to our new clients no matter what they ask for.

  • Fast release at low cost

    The base cost is 20 million yen (just 1/5 the cost of independent development
    You can launch an app as early as 6 months

    画像:低コストで即リリース 画像:低コストで即リリース
  • Base features

    Application's chat/review feature,
    payment system, user management system,
    are included as basic functions

    画像:基本機能を標準装備 画像:基本機能を標準装備
  • Fully customisable

    Besides the base features, our customer can fully customise the product as they like
    with designs or additional features

    画像:多彩なカスタマイズ 画像:多彩なカスタマイズ
  • 4 types of matching method

    Depends on your business model,
    you can choose the right matching method
    (or multiple ones)

    画像:4タイプのマッチング方法 画像:4タイプのマッチング方法

Service's picture

Building apps that match business professions to their customers is the model we are pursuing

  1. 01 画像:個人(技術者等)が提供するサービスの一覧

    Service List

    List of services
    from providers

  2. Choice /

    The customers
    select the right service
    they are interested in

    02 画像;個人(お客様)が求めるサービスを選択して依頼
  3. 03 画像:相互承認成立(マッチング)


    Mutual interest matched

  4. Payment

    Make transaction through credit card

    04 画像:事前/事後のクレジットカード決済
  5. Join the event

  6. 05 画像:イベント後の相互評価(レビュー)


    After service's

The path to release

Make the best product from experience
Release the product in the shortest path

  1. 01


    What kind of business model is it? or
    Is there a potential picture for the application?
    We listen to our customer's needs

  2. 02

    Specifications and examination

    Determine the right factors for the C2C application and
    building the specifications based on our client's business requirements

  3. 03

    Testing beta versions

    By building multiple beta versions、we can examine the performance,
    design, screen transitions to match with the requirements correctly

  4. 04


    Based on the result from the beta tests,
    we continue optimising our application
    along with testing newer beta versions
    so that we would achieve the highest quality for the application

  5. 05

    App release

    Publishing the app on App Store and Google's Play Store

  6. 06


    By setting the KPI to track for daily active users or user's behaviour, we can provide a sufficient strategies for updating the app to be better.

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