In addition to system development, we provide comprehensive support necessary for the success of our services, including incubation support, digital marketing support, and business growth support.

Technology strengths


Generic common framework x
Rational product development through industry-specific customized development

We achieve efficient, high-quality development through a rational hybrid development model that crosses general-purpose platform development for system infrastructure, data environment, analysis, and marketing systems with customized development for each business.


We provide UI/UX proposals utilizing knowledge of existing products and development function proposals according to service phase

We will drive product-driven service growth by proposing functional designs that match the business phase, utilizing our knowledge cultivated through numerous direct matching service development achievements, such as UI/UX proposals and proposals for additional function development.


Development team with over 100 people specializing in direct matching

We have a group of about 100 dedicated engineers at our own development base in Vietnam. The founding members’ 10 years of experience and achievements in offshore development in Vietnam have enabled us to secure high-level engineering personnel and build a development system with high cost performance.

Service strengths

Business Incubation Support

Support for creation of businesses at the fastest possible speed based on direct matching business development expertise

Digital Marketing Support

Strategy planning/operational execution by a team of experts in digital media operations

Fundraising Support

Comprehensive support for fundraising and smooth fundraising even without financial expert

Product Production

Provide know-how based on successful case studies, such as designing specifications according to business phases, setting KPIs in terms of operation, etc.

Equity Support

Seed capital contribution from the Company to ease the burden of development funding.

Hands-on Consulting

Hands-on consulting with a deep commitment to partner business growth.


To minimize the initial cost of system development, we adopt a “gross profit-sharing” method, where a certain percentage of revenue is allocated to monthly expenses as the service’s business grows

Initial cost
(development start-up fee)

iOS, Android, Browser:

from10million yen each.
  • Verification of user needs
  • Establishment of a monetization model
  • Definition of product development requirements
  • Functionality and specification review
  • MVPdevelopment
  • UI/UX design
Monthly Fee

Minimum guarantee fee or Gross Profit Share:

from1.8million yen/month
  • Support for various updates
  • Small improvements (minor ones)
  • Bug fixes
  • Development and operation tool maintenance
  • Application maintenance and management
  • Server operation, maintenance/monitoring
*We are providing a plan with lower initial costs through the form of investment